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Sport Horse Award

Sport Horse is defined as ‘a type of horse’, and not a particular breed. Historically, the sport horse was derived from the English-styled equestrian disciplines or was used for fox hunting.  The sport horse was the true performance horse and was tested in disciplines such as Dressage, Eventing, Hunter competition and Show Jumping.  However, some consider those used as show hunters to be show horses, rather than sport horses. Horses used for combined driving may also be referred to as sport horses.  Horses used for the western-styled disciplines, hunter on the flat, Saddleseat, and horses used for any form of racing are not considered sport horses.

Currently, the Sport Horse is a horse that represents “Form to Function”. Conformation of the horse is judged for its suitability for an equine discipline such as Dressage, Eventing, Hunter/Jumper etc. and not specifically as a breed type. The Sport Horse Performance classes are judged on the suitability and athleticism of the horse exhibited. These are horses that can truly ‘perform’ in higher level disciplines such as Dressage, Eventing, Hunter/Jumper and Competitive Driving to name a few. The Morab breed is a performance horse by virtue of its Arabian and Morgan heritage and thrives on challenge and competition. The Arabian and Morgan breeds are very similar in ‘form’ and ‘function’ and it’s this particular BLEND that makes the Morab Breed suitable as a Sport Horse.

The Morab designated Sport Horse Classes are only available currently at the PMHA Annual Morab National Show. (The four-show requirement is waived.) Championship, Overall Championship classes will be counted. The award will be a total of earned points from Table A based on the sport horse classes entered at the National Show.

A. Gelding Division
B. Mare Division
C. Stallion Division
D. Under Saddle Division
E. Driving Division

Nomination Fee: $20.00

Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Per Division

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