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Rule 1: Eligibility

Rule 1A Mares, stallions, and geldings must be able to prove pure Morgan and Arabian bloodlines on their application of registration. Advanced breeding programs involved with Morab to Morab bred horses must prove existence of both Morgan and Arabian bloodlines within their pedigrees, reflect the stallion report on records and meet the standards set forth by PMHA.
Rule 1B Morab horses registered with PMHA will not show more than 75% / 25% Morgan or Arabian bloodlines to be truly called a Morab. Morabs with 50% Morgan/50% Arabian bloodlines may be bred back once to a purebred Arabian or Morgan producing a foal with 75%ª25% bloodlines. That offspring should be bred to a Morab or discuss alternative Morgan or Arabian breeding with the PMHA office.
Rule 1C Patterns, spots, or any similar white above the knee or hock will make an applicant ineligible for registration in PMHA.
Rule 1D In any case of doubt regarding the true parentage or identification of an animal, DNA tests will be cross matched to determine parentage. All costs will be the responsibility of the owner of the Morab in question. Considering the results of such tests and other information available, the PMHA Board of Governors may authorize corrections in the records.
Rule 1E All horses foaled after the year 2000, will be required to submit a DNA Test to the designated laboratory.

Rule 2: Registration Procedure

Rule 2A The application will be submitted complete with signatures, markings, freeze brands, breeding, breeders certificate, and fee.
Rule 2B With each application, a copy of the sire’s as well as the dam’s pedigree certificate will be required.
Rule 2C The owner of the dam must sign each application at the time of foaling or it may be signed by the dam’s lessee (A current—within 12 months—copy of the lease should on file with PMHA). If circumstances prevent this, please explain.
Rule 2D Four current color photos (2 sides, 1 front, 1 back) must accompany the application.
Rule 2E The owner of the dam should register foals, and the seller should effect a transfer when the foal is sold.
Rule 2F The name of an individual making application to register a Morab will be the same as that appearing on the membership card. If the name differs from the name appearing on the membership card, then an additional membership will be required, or a non-membership payment will be charged.
Rule 2G Every Morab applicant should be offered a name that does not conflict with the names of any other animals registered with PMHA either living or dead
Rule 2H Deceased horses may not be registered.
Rule 2I The following names types are not eligible for use:

  • If they consist of more than thirty (30) letters, (no punctuation marks; spaces count as letters; prefix counts within the spaces)
  • Similar in spelling or pronunciation to names already in use, unless prefix is attached.
  • Famous horse names may be not be used.
  • Names of famous or notorious people unless their notarized consent is filed with PMHA.
  • Suggestive words or those having vulgar or obscene meaning
Rule 2J A parrot mouthed horse or one with an undershot jaw is ineligible for registration unless gelded or spayed.
Rule 2K Numeric symbols are not permitted in names.
Rule 2L To change a name, return the registration certificate to PMHA with the new name choice and $75 name change fee.
Rule 2M If the applicant requesting a name change has produced Morab offspring, the application will be denied.

Rule 3: Morab Stallion Requirements

Rule 3A A Morab Stallion Report must be filed by the recorded owner or lessee of a registered Morab stallion that was exposed to a registered mare(s) anytime during the twelve (12) consecutive calendar months prior to midnight, January 15 of the current year.Example: A mare exposed in March, 2006, must appear on the Stallion Service Report of January 15, 2007. Late Morab stallion reports will be penalized $15.00
Rule 3B All Morab stallions used for breeding must be DNA tested. The form is available through the PMHA office.

Rule 4: Artificial Insemination

Rule 4A PMHA does recognize artificial insemination for Morab breedings.
Rule 4B Both sire and dam have DNA Tests registered with the Laboratory. If outside PMHA records, the location of that documentation (specific lab) must be made known to PMHA.
Rule 4C The offspring of a mating resulting from artificial insemination will be required to DNA test and cross match with the sire and dam at the time of registration. Application will remain pending until the test results are returned to the PMHA Registry.

Rule 5: Embryo Transfer

Rule 5A PMHA will recognize Embryo Transfer if the procedure follows the specifications of Rule 4A.

Rule 6: Registered Transfer

Rule 6A A registered prefix is a name, word, letter, or combination of these, preceding a name, recorded with the registry and used exclusively by owners of Morab horses for the purpose of distinguishing Morabs bred by them from those of other Morab breeders. Any acronym used in a registration application will be regarded as a prefix.A.Prefix may be recorded provided:
(1) It is not a complete name for a registered horse.
(2) It is not on record with the registry.
(3) The application has been submitted with the appropriate fee.
(4) Words similar in spelling or pronunciation will not be accepted
as a prefix.
Rule 6B Only the “owner of a reserved prefix” will be allowed to use the reserved letters in any registration naming process, unless the recorded owner grants permission in writing.
Rule 6C Registered prefix(s) are protected by the registry and remain as part of the name. It may be removed by consent of the recorded owner of this prefix or by review of the board.
Rule 6D Prefix applications (i.e. acronyms and names repeated by same breeder to identify applicant) will be approved after review is complete and payment has been received.

Rule 7: Transfer of Record of Ownership

Rule 7A When an animal is sold, it is generally the responsibility of the seller to effect the transfer. The seller should complete a transfer application and send it with the certificate of pedigree and the transfer fee to the Purebred Morab Horse Association, Inc. The transfer form should be complete with the horse’s name, registration number, sex, date of sale, the new owner’s name and complete address. The seller must sign the transfer application in his written hand. If there is a joint ownership on the horse, both owners must sign the transfer. The seller’s signature must correspond with the name(s) of the owner(s) according to the PMHA records, unless a notarized statement is on file authorizing an agent’s signature.
Rule 7B If a transfer form is not available, we will accept a notarized bill of sale, providing the necessary information is supplied on the document.
Rule 7C If the registered owner of the horse is a minor and can write, we must have their signature on the transfer application as seller (with the legal parent signature attached). If they are too young and cannot write or print, we will accept the parent’s signature. The age of the minor should be stated.
Rule 7D In cases of divorce, we must have a certified copy of the divorce decree and property settlement. The settlement must list all horses by registered name and number, as well as the name of the person appointed by the court to receive possession of the horses. The divorce decree and property settlement may serve as a transfer of ownership application and the transfer will be completed to the person awarded the horses or as an authorization for the receiver to sign any and all papers regarding the horses.
Rule 7E If a horse is sold at a Sheriff’s sale, we require a certified copy of the Sheriff’s bill of sale. This certified copy will serve as the transfer or ownership application and the horse will then be transferred to the new owner.
Rule 7F Whenever legal title of a registered horse passes to another person by reason of death of the recorded owner, foreclosure of any lien, by any order or decree of court, or otherwise by operation of law, the registry may transfer the registration of the subject horse to the new owner:A. Upon court order of competent jurisdiction of other satisfactory
proof of authority for the transfer.
B. Upon payment of the transfer fee.
Rule 7G A duplicate certificate of registration can be issued only to the registered owner if the original certificate of registration has been lost or destroyed. In this case, the owner submits a notarized Affidavit of Loss supplied by PMHA, the fee for a duplicate certificate of registration, and two current color pictures, to PMHA requesting that a duplicate certificate of registration be issued. A duplicate certificate cannot be issued if a second party for payment of bills, loans, or mortgages, etc. is holding the original certificate of registration and so recorded with PMHA.

Rule 8: Sale Without Papers

Rule 8A Any Morab registered with PMHA, that is sold without its certified papers will be considered canceled and papers may not be reassigned.
Rule 8B Morgan or Arabian mares that are unregistered may not be used as brood mares for Morabs unless they can prove undisputedly (dna, or some other means) that they are pure Arabian or Morgan.

Rule 9: Required Reports

Rule 9A Stallion Reports

A. See Rule 3

Rule 9B Death

A. The death of a registered horse will be recorded with the registry.
A Death Report form indicating the date of death, registered
name, registration number and signed by the recorded owner
must be submitted.
B. The original registration certificate will also be sent to the registry
for the purpose of recording the death and cancellation of
the certificate.
C. Upon written request of the recorded owner, the canceled
registration certificate will be returned.

Rule 9C Castration

A. The castration of a registered horse will be recorded with the
registry. A Gelding Report indicating the date of castration
registered name, registration number and signed by the recorded
owner must be submitted and a veterinarian must sign it.
B. The original registration certificate will also be sent to the registry
and will be returned indicating the alteration and date of castration.
C. Cryptorchids and monorchids are not eligible to be registered as
stallions. They may be registered as geldings.

Rule 9D Lease Agreement

A. For a lease to be recognized by PMHA (whether for breeding,
showing, or performance purposes), it must be on file in the PMHA
office for the current year.
B. The form must be fully completed including the name and the
horse’s registration number. The current owner of the horse as the
lessee must be printed in the specified area.
C. The date the lease agreement begins and the termination date
must also be included in the proper spaces.
D. Both the lessee and the owner of the horse must sign the form.

Rule 9E Change in Color or Markings

A. The recorded owner may request a change of coat color, true white
markings or the addition of other identifying markings as recorded
on the registration certificate, providing the following are submitted:
1. The official registration certificate
2. A correctly completed application form provided by the registry
3. Clear, discernible photographs of the horse, as described in
rules governing registration of Morabs.
B. Upon approval by the registry, an amended registration certificate
will be issued to the recorded owner.

Rule 10: Application Denial

Rule 10A Application Denial

  • Any application for registration of transfer may be denied, if it is not established to the satisfaction of the Registrar that all matters relating to the registration or transfer are in proper order.
  • Any situation in which it appears that there may have been irregularities in connection with the registration or transfer of any horse, the Registrar may require assistance. The recorded owner(s) or recorded lessee(s) of that horse to furnish such DNA reports and other documents relating to the circumstances of the registration or transfer. In the event of failure to furnish this information, the registration of transfer, as well as all entries that may have been made with respect to the descendants of that horse, may be expunged by the Purebred Morab Horse Association. Inc.

Protest Procedure Regarding Morab Registration

No certificate of registration will be revoked, canceled, or suspended unless the owner of the horse against whom such action is proposed is given notice that a protest has been filed. This may challenge the validity of the horse’s certification and no inspection or inquiry to determine the validity or invalidity of any such protest will be conducted until the lapse of 30 days from the date the owner is given notice of the protest. The notice given to the owner will fix the time and place of the inspection, if required; the owner will have a right to present at the time of the inspection. Such notice will be sufficient if mailed first class to the person entitled to notice at his/her address.

Should the inspector or investigator decide that the certificate of registration should be revoked, canceled, or suspended, the owner may appeal such determination to any person or persons designated by formal written resolution of the Board of Governors of PMHA. They are the person or persons authorized to review any initial determination. In that event, the owner will have 30 days from the date of any such initial determination within which to take any such appeal and that no order of suspension, revocation, or cancellation will be effective until the lapse of such 30 days.

If no appeal is taken, then the revocation, cancellation, or suspension will be effective at the conclusion of the 30 day period. If an appeal is taken, the owner will be entitled to appear at the time the appeal will be considered by the person or persons designated to review the decision. Three directors will hold hearings, one being the President, of PMHA. The president will designate the other two. The committee will issue its decision in writing to all people involved and to the registrar.

The Board of Governors of the PMHA will automatically review all Appeal Board decisions. All decisions of the Board of Governors of the PMHA will be final.

No person who lodges a protest or who participates directly or indirectly in lodging a protest will serve in any capacity in the determining of the validity or invalidity of that protest or of any appeal thereof.

Protest Procedure

Any owner of a Morab horse registered with PMHA or member of PMHA can file a protest by submitting in writing, on an official PMHA Protest Form, the following information:

The protest form must be submitted to the registration department of PMHA, Inc. on an official Protest Form in writing, signed and dated by the person making the protest. These forms may be obtained by requesting them from PMHA. Designated personnel under the direction of the Registrar will review the completed form.

A “Notice of Protest” will be sent to the owner at the direction of the Registrar of PMHA, stating the reason the horse is being protested and the date the horse is to be photographed and inspected. The owner may, by waiver, have the horse photographed and inspected at an earlier or subsequent date, by a person designated by the Board of Governors.

The owner will be notified by return mail, give PMHA the location of the horse so it can be photographed and inspected on the set date, or the alternate date agreed upon after receiving the waiver form. If the owner fails to comply or respond agreeing to the date or an alternate date, the registration status of the horse will be suspended. Photographs taken at the time of the inspection will be considered as evidence as to meeting registration requirements.

The Executive Director at the direction of the Registrar may require a veterinarian to examine the horse as to age, sex status (whether the horse has been spayed, gelded, is a monorchid or cryptorchid), its reproductive capabilities, or any other serious faults which could be inherited by offspring.

Appeal Board

If the decision of the hearing committee needs to be appealed, a notice asking for appeal must be sent by the aggrieved person to the Executive Director within 30 days of the date the decision was sent out. This decision may be appealed to the Board of Directors.

The PMHA Secretary will transfer transcripts of the hearing committee including its decision to the Board of Directors for their evaluation.

Notice of the date and time (not sooner than 30 days after giving such notice) of the appeal will be sent to all parties concerned by the PMHA Secretary.

Any person having an interest in the appeal may appear in person or by counsel, but no testimony will be given and no evidence submitted. The final decision of the Board of Governors will be based on the transcript testimony of the hearing.

No member of the hearing committee will preside over or vote at any appeal hearing. But members of the hearing committee may otherwise participate in the proceedings. With prompt attention to the appeal, the Board of Governors will judge the hearing committee’s decision.

They may affirm, reverse, revise, makingmore or less severe, the decision of the hearing or order are hearing of the matter. A copy of the decision of the Board will be issued promptly by the PMHA Secretary to each person given the notice of the appeal.

Additional Hearing Rules
  1. Decisions of the hearing committee will be binding unless reversed or modified by the Board of Governors.
  2. Counsel supporting allegations that a member or Morab should be censured, suspended, or expelled, or that a person not a member should be denied privileges of the Association, or that an application for, or an existing, registration or transfer should be denied or expunged, will not advise or represent a hearing committee or the Board of Governors in such matters.
  3. Transcripts of the proceedings may be available upon payment to the Association, in advance, of the reasonable cost of production.
Release of Liability

PMHA will not be responsible for any accident that may occur to or be caused by any horse exhibited at the show or for any article of any kind or nature that may be lost or destroyed, or in any way damaged at an event sponsored by PMHA or its affiliate clubs.

Each exhibitor will be responsible for any injury that may be occasioned to any person or animal or damage to any property while on the grounds by horse owned, exhibited or in his custody or control and will indemnify and hold harmless PMHA, its officials, and directors individually and collectively, and co-sponsoring organization if any, from and against all claims, demands, cause of action, costs, charges and expenses of every kind and nature whatsoever arising or which may be incurred by reason of any accident, injury or damage to person or property caused by the ownership, exhibition, custody or control of any animal exhibited.

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