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President’s Message

donna-picture-2012.jpgWelcome to the Purebred Morab Horse Association and Registry web site.

It has been my pleasure to inform the public about the Morab breed over the many years of PMHA.  PMHA’s effort’s to collect DNA sampling for documentation since 2010 is hoped to establish the breed as its ‘own’ in the future.  The public comes across the Morab as just ‘another’ horse and is surprised that it is an entity within itself.  Historically, the Morab was a horse ‘by type or looks’ and had little documentation.  In order to overcome the inequities of what a Morab is, PMHA has set out to educate about the Morab.  It is with continual education of the public that will give creditability to the Morab along with DNA testing. It is hoped through this effort, the breed can establish itself as a worthy equine mount and to be held with esteem.

If you are planning to enter the Morab Market place for the first time, ride for pleasure, or if you are considering a new venture with a horse from the Morab breed, we can assist you. We are a valuable resource if you are interested in finding the right horse for your facility or the right horse for your children.

We believe in the power of the breed to change lives and interests and are proud that PMHA continues to make a positive difference in the lives of people in our community.

Donna Lassanske,
PMHA President

Address: P.O. Box 802, Georgetown, KY 40324
Phone: (502) 535-4803 • Cell: (270) 735-5331 ·