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Morgan – Working Bloodlines

by Gail Perlee

Foundation stock was developed over a long period of time (1880s-1950s) by several ranchers and breeders in different Western states.

Representative Programs

Sellman Ranch (1880s-1925), Texas
  • The Admiral (Jubilee de Jarnette x Brn x Winnebago Chief)
  • Headlight Morgan (Ethan Allen 2nd x Lady Stratton)
  • Red Oak (General Gates x Marguerite)
Horseshoe Cattle Co. (Rolland Hill, 1922-1940s), California<
  • Querido (Bennington x Artemisia)
  • Sonfield (Mansfield x Quietude)
  • Sellman Ranch mares
Piedmont Land & Cattle Co. (William Randolph Hearst), California
  • Montcrest Sellman (Joe Bailey x Kitty E)
  • Uhlan (Bennington x Poinsetta)
  • Sellman/Hill mares
Elmer Brown (1911-1939), Kansas
  • Linsley (General Gates x Sunflower Maid x Headlight Morgan)
  • mares (by Headlight Morgan, Sparhawk, Dude Hudson & Donald)
Jackson Ranch (1920s – present), Montana
  • Monte L (Major R.M. x Jumina x Jubilee King)
  • Ken Carmen (Jubilee King x Heroda)
  • Rosefield (Sonfield x Rose Mala x Querido)
  • Fleetfield (Mentor x Norma)
  • Delbert (Revere x Alibirdie)
L.U. Sheep Co. (1927-1950s), Wyoming
  • Flyhawk (Go Hawk x Florette)
  • Linspar (Linsley x Sparbelle)
  • Senator Graham (Senator Knox x Fanita x Tiffany)
  • Flying Jubilee (Flyhawk x Jumina x Jubilee King)
  • Townshend Gay Meade (Meade x Gayselba x Ulysses)
  • range mares (by a son of standard-bred pacer, Dan Patch)

Aims of the breeder: Produce a tough, agile and sensible cow horse of Morgan type.

Some of the well-known individuals produced by this line:

Stallions Mares
Romanesque Hemala
Montabelle Bessie Ro
Redman Roseta Mala
Blackman Roseta May
Dapper Dan Helen Field
Monty Vermont Helen May
Sireson Iva Sonfield
Chocolate Sparbelle
Raymonds Sentney Lady Spar
Powerful Fruita
Domino Vermont Anita Blossom
Plains King Viola Linsley
Senatefild Belle Meade
El Cortez Katrina Field
Silver Rockwood Parka
Keystone May Rockwood
Tio Lalo Lupine
Sonoma Ida Red
Omar Sheriff Verdonna Vermont
Gay Vaquero
  • Prefixes of breeding programs based on the Western Working Family lines: Mortana, Primavera, Teton, Mary-Mell, Siskiyou, Cross Ranch, Circle-H, Hunewill Ranch, Windswept, Shawalla, Ida-Ho, Funquest, Triangle A Ranch, Waer, Treasure, Prima Kosta, Black Stallion Ranch.
  • Characteristics of the family: Deep bodied; Good legs feet; Agility; cow sense.
  • More Information:
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    • Morgans in the West, (Part II), Sep 1984, p. 79
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    • Yearbook of the Arizona Morgan Horse Assn., 1989, p. 18Note: All issues of Morgan Magazine are at PMHA.
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