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Morgan – Lippitt Bloodlines

by Gail Perlee

Foundation stock acquired by Robert Lippitt Knight in 1927.

  • Ashbrook (Croydon Prince x Nancy x Ethan Allen 2nd)
  • Moro (Welcome x Polly Rogers x Ethan Allen 2nd)
  • Nekomia (Croydon Prince x Nancy x Ethan Allen 2nd)
  • Croydon Mary (x Croydon Prince x Ethan Allen 2nd)
  • Green Mt Twilight (x Rob Roy x Ethan Allen 2nd)
  • Adeline Bundy (Rob Roy x Ethan Allen 2nd)
  • Trilby (Ethan Allen 3rd)
  • Mary Allen (Ethan Allen 3rd)

Aims of the breeder: Preserve the Morgan breed in its purest form.

Some of the well-known individuals produced by this line:

Stallions Mares
Lippitt Ethan Ash Lippitt Miss Nekomia
Lippitt Rob Roy Lippitt Duplicate
Lippitt Mandate Lippitt Dusky Kate
Lippitt Pecos Lippitt Ethan Georgia
Dyberry Billy Lippitt Victoria
Dyberry Ethan Moro Hills Royrita
Moro Hills Medallion
Marvelous Ideal
  • Prefixes of breeding programs based on the Lippitt lines: Dyberry, Moro Hills, Royalton, Ruthven, Town-Ayr, Westfall, Arkomia (cross to Archie O), Ashbrook, Medallion, Marvelous, Meredith, Trilbrook, Furbrook, Rohan, Equinox, Stillwater, Tradition, Ryegate, Ransomvale, Ashbrook & Echobrook.
  • Characteristics of the family: Highest percentage of the blood of Justin Morgan; Type; Intelligence; Sturdy; Easy keepers.
  • More Information:
    • Morgan Horse Magazine, Lippitt Issues (July & August 1973);
    • Lippitt Club
    • Pacific Northwest Directory, 4th Edition (1875);
      “New Look at and Old Family” p. 11, July 1966;
      “What is a Lippitt” p. 106, Feb 1984Note: All issues of Morgan Magazine are at PMHA.
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