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Morgan – Government Bloodlines

by Gail Perlee

Foundation stock acquired by the U.S. Government starting in 1905.

  • General Gates (Denning Allen x Fanny Scott)
  • Troubador of Willowmoor (Troubador x Scott)
  • Mrs Culver (Harrison Chief x Billie x Cabells Lexington)
  • Artemisia (Ethan Allen 2nd x mare by Cushings Green Mountain)

Aims of the breeder: Preserve the best Morgan characteristics while weeding out faulty conformation, increasing size and converting from driving to saddle type to create the ideal cavalry horse.

Some of the well-known individuals produced by this line:

Stallions Mares
Bennington Quietude
Mansfield Redfern
Upwey Ben Don Sheba
Canfield Naiad
Ulysses Quaker Lady
Sonfield Norma
Mentor Norma
Captor Riviera
Tutor Fairytop
Fleetwing Jasmine
Trophy Phillipa
Panfield Romance
  • Prefixes of breeding programs based on the Government lines: UPSEY, DEVAN, U.C., UNH, BAY STATE, UVM.
  • Characteristics of the family: Size; Correct conformation; Good gaits.
  • More Information:
    • Morgan Horse by Jeanne Mellin, p. 207-230
    • Morgan Horse Magazine, Goverment Issues (July & August 1975);
      “Early Government Morgans” p. 26, July 1971;
      Trophy Issue (July 1983)Note: All issues of Morgan Magazine are at PMHA.
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