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Morab Conformation

Eyes Large and dark, expressive, and set wide apart.
Ears Small, well-shaped and carried alert.
Head Refined, straight to slightly dished face profile, broad cheek, small muzzle with firm lips and large nostrils.
Neck Long, slightly crested and well muscled that meets the head at a well-defined throat latch.
Shoulder Well-muscled, long and sloping, moderate-high withers.
Back/hip Short back, broad strong loins, muscled hip of good length with a horizontal pelvic build that endows the Morab horse with a full unsloped croup and moderate tail set rounding well off the croup, carried gracefully, and straight when viewed from behind. The shape of their hindquarters and this pelvic angle is the most apparent difference between the Morab horse and other breeds of horses.
Chest A mature Morab horse is broad in the chest which should be quite noticeable through the heart, back ribs, and slightly wider through the hip. This extra room and compaction of body structure gives the Morab horse stamina as well as great speed.
Legs Long, straight, sound, with flat bones and large joints; long, broad forearm; short cannon bone; well muscled thigh and gaskin; sloping, medium length pastern and round feet of proportionate size.
Motion The Morab horse in action has a free-flowing gait, working off its strong hindquarters and carries itself collected. The Morab horse can possess a natural high knee and hock action or the lower quieter pleasure action depending on the breeding of the animal. Overall appearance is strong, powerful and refined with great stamina and speed. Should be personable, eager and easy to handle.
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