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Morab Color Coats

PMHA will recognize any Morab color pattern that is recognized by the Arabian or Morgan registries. Standard colors of Chestnut, Brown, Bay and Black are recognized as well as the blending of lighter colors that include Buckskin, Palomino, Grey and Dun. White markings or “chrome” are frequently found on the face and on any of the four legs.
The breeding of horses over the past several years, both within the Arabian and Morgan breeds, has produced varying colors and coat patterns. In an effort to be proactive in recognizing a Morab with color or patterns OTHER than what has been described above, the PMHA board has accepted the following statement:

Horses that are documented to be of one the breed acceptable colors and are registered in either the Morgan and or Arabian breed registry are eligible for registration with the PMHA Registry. Horses born with a varying color coat to the above acceptable colors will be considered for registration within the PMHA with acceptable DNA testing within the guidelines of the PMHA at the owner’s expense. PMHA accepts no responsibility or liability for the process.
What this means is, any varying color or coat pattern of a Morab registration will have to have parent verification DNA, i.e. Arabian and Morgan parent DNA will need to be provided along with the Morab DNA.

Color Definition

Chestnut The chestnut coat ranges from shades of golden red to dark reddish brown.  The mane, tail and legs are not black but are the color of the body or shades darker or lighter.
Brown The color coat is basically black with light mealy areas at the muzzle, eyes and inside the legs.
Bay Expected color coats are reddish shades from a red-tan to dark mahogany brown.  All bay horses have black manes and tails and black legs below the knees and hocks.
Black A true black is a horse without any light areas.
Buckskin This color is a darker shade of dun with black dorsal strip, black mane and tail and black on the lower legs.
Grey The grey color includes everything from a color coat with dark and white hairs, to dapple grey, to white.
Palomino A very pale creamy yellow to a deep golden yellow.  The color coat is frequently seen with flaxen, silver or white mane and tail.
Dun Defined as a yellowish coat with darker dorsal strip and sometimes stripes on the legs.  Mane and tail are not black.

Leg Markings:

Pastern White that extends to the top of the pastern.
Fetlock White that extends to the top of the fetlock (ankle).
Sock White that extends to midway on the cannon.
Stocking White extending above midway on the cannon.
Coronet White extending to approximately 1″ above the hoof.
Heel White marking found on the back of the hoof.

Facial Markings:

Star White on the forehead, located above a line running from eye to eye.
Strip White extending from the line of the eyes toward the line running from nostril to nostril.
Snip A white or flesh mark between the nostrils or on the upper or lower lip.
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