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Morab Breeding Formula

The Morab breed is a blend of the historical and inherent qualities of the Arabian and Morgan breeds—it is their classic yet functional beauty, their loving dispositions, qualities of soundness, stamina, and endurance that all comes together in the Morab—the best of both worlds!

Mare: Sire:
Registered Arabian Registered Morgan or Morab
50% Morgan—50% Arabian blood
Registered Morgan Registered Arabian or Morab
50% Morgan—50% Arabian blood
Registered Morab
with 50% Morgan—50% Arabian blood
Registered Morgan, Arabian or Morab
Morab may have even % of bloodlines or 25-75%
Registered Morab
with less than 50% Morgan or 50% Arabian blood
Registered Morab

*Note: Any other breeding being considered by Morab owners must be discussed with the registry before the breeding takes place to avoid later misunderstandings involving registration.


The study of bloodlines of each breed, the Arabian and the Morgan, is to reveal a consistency in the ability of such breeding stock to pass on many outstanding and desired traits. There are many individuals used for breeding that have inherited a bloodline lineage noted for their ability to ‘impart’ desired qualities to their offspring. These qualities need to be evaluated by the prospectus Morab breeder in terms of goals of breeding, equestrian discipline and expected talent of the the product. There should be an attempt to blend the heritage of the Arabian and the Morgan with credible bloodlines for our present and future Morabs.


The equine requires correct form to withstand the rigors of activity that is asked of them. Conformation is directly related to soundness, versatility, athletic ability, and useful longevity. Most present day breeds become popular because of outstanding abilities in a particular equestrian activity, a particular physical appearance and soundness or they probably would not have survived. Today some breeds are plaqued by unsoundness because conformation became secondary in the breeding program. If Morabs are to survive, and give their owners years of versatile, useful enjoyment, we as breeders must use a critical eye… Form=Function.


Breeding Morabs

Research the Arabian and Morgan Bloodlines you desire to promote in your Morab. Establish a goal of breeding which will direct your breeding program. Envision how the heritage of the Arabian and Morgan will blend and complement each other, avoiding large differences in body types, or inherent talent, such as breeding a western style horse with a park style horse. Look closely, and discriminately scrutinize the conformation of the Arabian and Morgan you are considering to breed for a Morab. Select your mare or stallion based on their strengths, keeping in mind the lineage of each that you are about to put together. Have an ‘eye’ to ‘balance’ the areas that need improvement between the sire and the dam and compliment their good qualities. The goal is to project what that offspring will be in terms of conformation, discipline pursuit and type ie. The Ideal Morab.

It is up to the scrupulous breeder to determine if the offspring is suitable as Morab breeding stock for future generations. The first generation, 50% Arabian to 50% Morgan is the foundation for 2nd, 3rd, etc. generation Morabs. As depicted in the breeding formula, any 1st generation Morab can be bred back to an Arabian or Morgan for improvements in type or qualities desired in the Morab. Breeding combinations with Arabians and Morgans produces desired qualities and type so long as there is no more than 75% of Arabian or Morgan blood or less than 25% Arabian or Morgan blood in the resultant Morab.

In conclusion, the Arabian, Morgan and Morab breeds all possess a classic, spirited and bold, impressive presence. It is very easy to get caught up in the flaring nostrils and flagging tails, and lose objectivity. Therefore, it is imperative to stay with credible bloodlines, correct conformation, soundness, versatile ability as well as inherent beauty. The responsible breeder who follows this course of action will afford the Morab its rightful place in the equine world.

Breeders’ Mission

To produce a quality horse breed for the equine industry that will demonstrate competitive and athletic spirit on the trails, show ring, or assume a place in any family.  The Morab—Beautiful, Graceful, Elegant, Affectionate, Willing, Sound, Versatile, Athletic and Calm.

A blend of the great traits of its ancestry—the Arabian and Morgan!

If you recognize and appreciate the great heritage and attributes of both the Arabian and Morgan and would be interested in promoting and breeding Morabs, please contact the Purebred Morab Horse Association, Inc.

Address: P.O. Box 802, Georgetown, KY 40324
Phone: (502) 535-4803 • Cell: (270) 735-5331 ·