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General FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why breed for a Morab? Why not purchase a Morgan or Arabian?

take on the best attributes of each breed.  They inherit the flashy movement
of the Arabian along with the Arabian intelligence and loving nature.Each breed contributes to the Morab’s compact
body type and deep chest for a large lung capacity that permits the Morab to
excel in endurance and competitive disciplines. The Morgan gives the Morab
drive, tractability and stamina which make the Morab a very athletic and strong
equine mount.

What is the Morab suppose to
look like?

The blend of the two breeds will produce a horse that is distinct in its own right. There should be Arabian and Morgan attributes in a balanced proportion. The Morab should not be too Arabian or too Morgan. A young Morab may have ‘more’ Arabian look until the Morgan attributes develop, typically during the 5th -6th year. There is a definite full and strong shoulder in the Morab with a short back and deep chest. PMHA does have an image of the Ideal Stallion for reference.

Can a Morab be a show horse and a family mount?

Morabs, with proper training, excel in the show ring, driving, eventing, contest and competitive/endurance events to name a few. Due to the intelligent and loving nature of the Morab, the same Morab can be the family all purpose mount or 4-H project. The Morab is very versatile and thrives on having a task and human attention.

What is involved in the training of a Morab?

The Morab grows very slowly as do the Arabian and Morgan breeds. Ground schooling is recommended and introduction to driving are good skills for the 2-3 year old. Heavy training should not be undertaken until the Morab is 4 – 41/2 years old to allow for joints and ligaments to mature properly. The readiness of the Morab should be taken into consideration as well as each will have its own ‘time-line’ of taking on training. The Morab does not mature till 7-8 years of age so do not pass judgment until this time.

What is involved in registering a Morab with PMHA?

Documented parentage, Arabian & Morgan, is required for registration. The first generation is also referred to as the 50%-50% Morab. Breeding Morab to Morab is preferred, but the first generation can be bred ‘back’ to either an Arabian or Morgan for the 75%-25% cross. This percentage cross is the maximum – minimum of either Arabian to Morgan blood that is allowed for Morab registration. This cross needs to be bred back to a 50%-50% Morab.

What if I have a Morab with incomplete lineage or was registered in the NAMHA registry?

Some Morabs came from a breeding history with unknowns in the pedigree and had been registered on ‘type’. To establish credibility in the Morab breed, PMHA formed in 1998 with the focus of registering Morabs with fully documented Morgan to Arabian lineage. Morabs in the NAMHA registry that were purebreds were moved over into PMHA. Morabs that did not meet documented criteria remained in the NAMHA registry but with the condition of not being a breeding animal.

Please submit any questions you would like answered to PMHA (c/o FAQs).  We will try to answer them if possible.

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