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Board of Governors

Statement of Purpose

The Board of Governors is the guardian of the mission and values of the Purebred Morab Horse Association.  The Board develops and implements strategic goals and establishes policies and plans to ensure existing programs and the future well being of the organization.  There is a capacity for 9 (nine) governor positions, each representing a PMHA region.  No more than one person per region may represent PMHA through the Board of Governors.  There is one governor at large, irrespective of a region.  Each governor serves a 3 (three) year term as member of the Board of Governors.  The Board is a balance of all regions without partiality to any one location and it is this diversity of regional representation that gives the Board of Governors a broad perspective of the organization’s mission and values.

They may appoint additional people to lead program development or committee delegates.

Role of the Board

  • Oversee the business objectives of PMHA
  • Approve and modify all programs used by PMHA
  • Delegate authority to the President to manage the organization in accordance with the strategic plan and budget.
  • Work with the Executive Director to develop strategic goals for the school together with appropriate policies and plans to ensure that he present and future well being of the school.
  • Approve the annual budget and financial statements of PMHA.
  • Process grievences brought to the attention of the Board of Governors
  • Create committees to recommend policies and monitor performance in specific areas of responsibility.
  • Lead in annual fundraising and major projects.
  • Abide by the values and mission of the organization.

Leadership Principles

The following principles of good practice provide a focus on the responsibilities of mission and values.  The Board and the Executive Director work in partnership in fulfilling these principles.

  1. The Board adopts a Mission statement of the PMHA, with vision and strategic goals and establishes policies and plans consistent with this statement.
  2. The composition of the Board reflects the balance, resources and perspectives needed to achieve the mission and strategic objectives of PMHA.
  3. The Board together with the President cultivates and maintains good relations with the organization’s stakeholders and the equine venue.
  4. The Board reviews and maintains Bylaws that conform to legal requirements.
  5. The Board assures compliance with applicable laws and regulations, minimizing exposure to legal action.
  6. The Board is accountable for the financial stability and future of PMHA including capital assets, operating budgets, fund raising and endowments.
  7. The Board keeps full and accurate records of its meetings, committees and policies and communicates its decisions.
  8. The Board undertakes formal strategic planning on a periodic basis, sets and monitors annual goals for PMHA.
  9. The Board works to ensure that all its members are actively involved in the work of the board and its committees.
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