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Arabian Horse History

Many countries have, over the years, established studs to breed specific strains or bloodlines of horses. The Arabian breed established itself across many countries — including: Russia, Hungary, France, Germany, and European countries — finally emerging to the United States. Some of the Arabian “families” are selected breeding or “strains” of Arabian blood.

  • Imperial Russion Stud – Peter the Great
  • Crabbett Stud – England
  • Abbas Pasha Stud – Desert Breeding
  • Prince Mohamad Ali – Egyptian Breeding
  • Spanish breeding
  • Egyptian breeding

Three Outstanding Well-Known Arabian Horses

Byerly Turk — Click on this link to learn more about Byerly Turk.

Darley Arabian — Name was actually “Manicka” and was purchased by Mr. Darley, a commission agent at Alleppo. The Arab was exchanged for an English musket and a sum of money to become the property of Mr. Darley. He sent him to his brother, John Brewster Darley of York about 1712. He was dark bay with white markings on the “near” legs with a blaze.

Godolphin Arabian — 1726 – Eastern origin – produced the modern English race horse. A photo exists and a nice story about this Arabian located on the attached link.

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