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DNA Program Form

DNA Testing Program

PMHA requires all registered Morabs to have a DNA test on file. This rule has been in effect since 2000. Morabs foaled prior to June 30, 2000 are exempt unless: 1) the Morab is a Stallion, or 2) the Morab is a Mare used for an active breeding program.


  • All Morabs, Mares, Stallions and Geldings are required to be DNA tested as part of registration.
  • Morabs engaged in breeding programs are required to process a DNA test prior to breeding.
  • Geldings foaled prior to June 30, 2000 are not required to test, nor are older horses not used in any PMHA breeding program.
  • Any breeding program using AI are to contact PMHA for proper information.


  1. Download the Registration Application and fill out all sections and have signed by Stallion owner and Mare owner.
  2. Submit correct payment for age of Morab and include cost of DNA kit. ($45)
  3. Pull hair from the neck with roots, need 30-40 hairs. Place hairs on a clean piece of paper length of a large envelop and tape down at the loose ends, NOT the root ends. Fold paper OVER hairs. Do NOT fold hairs. Please use long business envelopment for mailing so hairs are not folded included with application and pictures.
  4. Include the pictures as requested on the application.
  5. Mail application, hair and pictures to PMHA.
  6. PMHA will send hair sample to Davis Lab.
  7. Davis will return the lab report to PMHA. A statement will be added to your certificate of registration stating that the DNA test is on file.
  8. All tests will remain in the Davis California Lab and results will remain with the PMHA office in the Morab’s folder.
DNA Fee $45.00

Mail completed information
with the Registration Application to:

P.O. Box 802
Georgetown, KY 40324
Phone/Fax: 502-535-4803
Email: pmha@puremorab.com

Make check payable to PMHA
Refer to Registration Application or
the Fee Schedule for appropriate fees

Address: P.O. Box 802, Georgetown, KY 40324
Phone: (502) 535-4803 • Cell: (270) 735-5331 ·