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Endurance Trail Award

Endurance Trail is a form of trail riding that has speed as the focus with a goal of ‘first across the finish line’.  These trail rides (races) are typically longer than the Competitive Trail Ride. The rides usually cover 50 -100 miles or more over 1-3 days of varied and challenging terrain including up the sides and over mountains.  There are veterinarian and judges’ stops for the mounts during and after the ride as they must remain fit and in good health to capture the ‘win’.  The final assessment of PRT, hydration and the trot out for soundness and attitude will confirm the honor of the mount and rider who was ‘first across the finish line’. The Morab with its inherent stamina and heart and lung capacity is the ideal mount for this strenuous form of trail riding. It is a fast paced race that demonstrates endurance of high speed over distance. Many consider it to be a “controlled race.”

A Morab who competes in any trail ride sanctioned by AERC or any other endurance trail ride, approved by the PMHA Point Secretary, is eligible for this award.  Nominations are for ONLY one level. Points will be calculated for this award according to Table B

Nomination Fee: $20.00

A Grand Champion and Reserve Champion

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