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Dressage Award

Dressage is a competitive training program with prescribed patterns that are move advanced in each level. These exercises teach the horse and rider to act as one to fight, if needed, in combat. The gymnastic movements include extension, collection, and advanced moves that are not normally seen in the horse world. All these are executed through the training and athletics of the horse and the education and leg and hand aids of the rider. The skills was recognized by the Greeks, early Europe, and France. People have used the skills for dancing, entertainment, competition, and military maneuvers.

The Morab competing in dressage in events approved by USEF/USDF, FEI or CEF are eligible for the PMHA Dressage Award. Dressage scores from a Combined Training Event will be accepted provided the dressage portion meets the requirements for judging. Awards are issued only once per level of achievement to a nominated ride/Morab combination.


Training Level
(4 Tests)
The purpose of the Training Level Dressage Tests is to confirm that the horse’s muscles are supple and loose, and that it moves freely forward in a clear and steady rhythm, accepting contact with the bit.”   Canter work on 20 m circles is added at this level.  Either sitting or rising trot may be used when trot work is required.  The horse is also asked to stretch down at the trot, and make changes of bend at the trot rather than going through the walk.
First Level
(4) Tests
The purpose of the First Level Dressage Tests is to confirm that the horse, in addition to the requirements of Training Level, has developed thrust (pushing power) and achieved a degree of balance and throughness.”   Trot work on 10 m circles and 20 m serpentines is added, as well as trot lengthenings.  Lengthenings are done rising, and later sitting; the remainder of trot work is done sitting.  Canter work is on 15 m circles and straight lines, with lengthening also introduced at the canter.  Leg yield and change of canter lead through trot are also introduced by the end of the First Level tests.
Second Level
(4 Tests)
Movements: All of the above plus working, collected, and medium trot, shoulder-in, halt, rein-back, working, collected and medium canter, walk to canter, 10 meter circles in canter, travers, 1/2 turn on haunches in the walk, and transition of canter to walk to canter.
Third Level
(3 Tests)
Movements: All of the above plus, regular, medium and extended walk, collected, extended and medium canter, full arena serpentines with no change of lead, canter half pass, a flying lead change, collected, medium and extended trot, trot half pass, and 8 meter circle in trot.
Fourth Level
(3 Tests)
Movements: All of the above plus, medium to collected to medium trot, Halt-back-trot, half pirouette in the walk, collected walk, serpentine in the canter with flying lead changes, counter canter, flying lead changes every 4th stride, flying lead changes every 3rd stride, 1/4 and 1/2 canter pirouettes.
Prix St George
(1 Test)
Movements same as above plus, collected-extended-collected trot and halt to canter (canter depart).
Intermediate I
(1 Test)
Movements: All of the above plus, Zig zag half pass in trot, 5 loop serpentines with flying lead changes, and Canter pirouette.
Intermediate II
(1 Test)
Movements: All of the above plus, Passage, 7-8 steps of piaffe, flying changes of lead every 2nd stride and transitions of piaffe to passage and passage to piaffe.
Grand Prix
(1 Test)
Movements: All of the above plus, all gaits completely collected and extended, full pirouettes in trot and canter, Passage, piaffe, Flying lead changes every stride, zig-zag half passes in trot and canter, at this level the horse and rider should be in complete harmony with each other.

Nomination Fee: $20.00 Per Level

Grand Champion and Reserve Champion – Each Level

Individual nominated rider/Morab awards will be determined by averaging the three highest submitted scores. Nominee must perform a minimum of four tests under three different judges.

The minimum average is 57 for any level


10-Excellent, 9-Very good, 8-Good, 7-Fairly good, 6-Satisfactory, 5-Sufficient, 4-Insufficient, 3-Fairly bad, 2-Bad, 1-Very bad, 0-Not performed.

Grand Champion and Reserve Champion will be offered for each level of Dressage.

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