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Distance Achievement Award

Competitive/Endurance Division

This type of award is for the Competitive and Endurance rider who accumulates considerable mileage. The nominated Morab must be 5 years old or older. A ride must be 25 miles or greater to count toward this recognition.

The nominated rider/Morab may participate in BOTH types of distance riding (Competitive or Endurance). The distance rides must meet the requirements outlined in the Competitive or Endurance Award descriptions of the PMHA Award Program for organizational sanctioning.

The rider must indicate how the mileage is to be totaled — whether towards competitive or endurance but NOT BOTH at the same time. Nominations for the Buckle Award and Cooler Award are separate nominations and separate fees. A Morab may be entered in the Buckle and Cooler Award concurrently provided a fee is paid for EACH.

Buckle Award – based on non-current years

A buckle is given for any nominated rider/Morab combination who successfully completes 1000 miles of distance, whether it be competitive or endurance over time. For each additional 1000 miles, a mileage “tack” will be awarded. The rider/Morab combination nomination does not have to be kept current for successive years, that is, the rider/Morab combination may have lapses in nomination years. The show year for recording needs to be current.

Nomination Fee: $20.00

Cooler Award – based on current years

A cooler is given for any nominated rider/Morab combination who successfully completes 1000 miles of distance whether it be Competitive or Endurance. The rider/Morab nomination must be kept CURRENT for successive years until the 1000 miles is achieved before an award can be granted. In the event that the PMHA member wants to buy past years of recordings, each year is $40.00. For each ride (in the buy back), both judges sheets must be submitted with recorded placings.

Nomination Fee: $20.00

Saddle Log

This award is for the casual Morab owner to enjoy riding or driving his/her Morab without competition. Each rider/driver Morab combination is a separate nomination and the hours tallied are on each rider/driver Morab combination. This is managed on an honor system by recording in a “Log” hours ridden/driven. The log is submitted to the Point Secretary at the end of the show year. A new nomination year will require a new log. Medallions are awarded for completion of 100, 300, 500, 750, and 1000 hours ridden/driven. Patches will be awarded for 1500, 2000, and 2500 hours ridden/driven. A PMHA T-Shirt will be awarded for 3000 cumulative hours logged. Once 3000 hours are attained, logged hours will start over from zero.

Nomination Fee: $5.00

Reminder: Saddle Log Award remains active and cumulative as long as the $5.00 fee is submiteed annually. (e.g. An owner has logged 300 hours over 2 years and wants to continue with logging more hours for each rider/Morab combination. The annual nomination fee must be paid.)

If the rider/Morab lapses in the annual fee, the Saddle Log will START OVER once the nomination of the rider/Morab is nominated.

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