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Competitive Trail Award

Competitive Trail is a type of competition that uses time, distance and stress and not speed as criteria.  This is a trail competition that is conducted at a slower pace than endurance riding. Usually, they are somewhat shorter in distance. Each rider is given 100 points and they are graded on three outcome criteria.  Soundness 45 points, condition 40 points and trail ability and manners 15 points.  This is a trail ride where the mount and rider are partners to achieve a successful ride in tip top shape.  The Morab’s deep heart girth and large lung capacity lend to very good “Pulse and Respiration” assessments and a testimony of the true heritage of the Morab. It is the combined partnership of rider with the horse that makes the ride a success rather than the speed of the race.

A competitive trail Morab who competes in any trail ride sanctioned by the North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC, the Upper Midwest Endurance and Competitive Ride Association (UMECRA), the Eastern Competitive Trail Ride Association (ECTRA), and any other competitive trail ride, approved by the PMHA Point Secretary, is eligible for this award. Points will be awarded to this division according to Table B.

Nomination Fee: $20.00

Grand Champion and Reserve Champion

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