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Breeding / In-Hand Award

A show is a judged event. Shows feature the best specimens of purebred animals in a locality or country. Prestigious shows or those with large purses (prize money) to be won may attract exhibitors from around the world.

Typically, shows are an opportunity for breeders to feature their best breeding stock. Animals compete for the title of Best of Breed or Grand Champion, a distinction which can add significant value to a breeder’s lines. The top prize in a show is usually the title Best in Show or Best (or Supreme) Exhibit in Show.

Historically, horse shows were created to exibit bloodlines of a wealthy breeder or to create funds for a benefit. Today, it is common to use horse shows to promote personal horse business bloodlines and for fun. It is no longer an event for royalty or the wealthy — people from all walks of life are involved in the horse industry and available to compete in open and breed shows.

PMHA offers awards for participants of the following breed (open) halter classes:

A. Yearling Division
B. Two-Year-Old Division
C. Three and Four-Year-Old Division
D. Over Five-Year-Old Division
E. Mares Division
F. Geldings Division
G. Stallion Division
H. Produce of Mare Division
I. Get of Sire Division

Required minimum for an award is 20 points from the Table below for each division nominated.

Nomination Fee: $20.00 Fee per Division per Horse

Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Per Division

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