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Morab Award Programs

For National and International Competition

Versatility of Morabs through competition is recognized through the PMHA Award Program. We offer a varied and interesting program that covers all interests and includes all ages. To promote recognition of the breed, our organization has created an opportunity for most of the popular events to win award points in an “Open Competition Program”. This will give owners a wide variety of locations to use their Morab horses and compete for honors.

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  • Awards and Standings 2015
  • Awards and Standings 2016
  • Awards and Standings 2017
  • Awards and Standings 2018
  • In-Hand
    Strictly breeding stock in halter division is selectively honored by judges for conformation of the Morab.
  • Sport Horse
    Award is based on Sport Horse Class points at the Annual PMHA National Show.
  • Performance
    Show ring performance offers points for ribbons acquired in the performance divisions.
  • Ranch/Working Award
    Competition in ranch and cow working events (i.e. cutting, reining, roping, break-a-way events derived from western ranch work.
  • Gymkhana
    Time events are the key to this program. It involves classes similar to Keyhole, Cloverleaf Barrels, Pole Bending, Figure 8, Stake and others.
  • Desert Horse Award
    Award honors Morabs registered Half-Arabian through Half-Arabian competition points.
  • Golddust Award
    Award honors horses re Morabs registered Half-Morgan through Half-Morgan competition points.
  • Competitive Trail
    Competitive riding is popular in the Morab breed and we offer a partnership with several Trail Organizations. In addition to sponsoring awards in their programs, we support recognition for miles and placing in PMHA.
  • Endurance Trail
    Endurance is the hallmark of Morab stamina and athletic ability. Points are offered for this sport based on placing.
  • Combined Driving
    Competitive Morabs that excell at combined driving classes in events sanctioned by USEF with additional sanctioning organizations who offer combined driving classes/events.
  • Combined Training
    Based on placings in combined training events.
  • Dressage
    Top level “high school” for horses — Dressage demonstrations several levels of competition and athletic / mental attitude under the scrutiny of top judges.
  • Equitation
    Judging is on the rider and not on the Morab. The rider may exhibt a different Morab based on the equitation discipline of riding. The discipline and tack must be indicated and the class MUST be specifically Equitation, no age limit of rider.
  • Hearst Memorial Youth Award
    Honoring the William Randolph Hearst breeding program of the 1940s, it stands in memorial to award to top Morab riders under the age of 18.
  • Ambassador Program
    Non-breeding stock that was retained from the NAMHA Register. We honor those horses that were listed as unproven Morgan/Arabian through the Clovis CA Registry AMHA. They excel as performance horses in their sports. Most awards are duplicated from the PMHA program.


  • Exceptionale
    Hi-Point Show Award for Morabs exhibited at the Annual PMHA National Show.
  • Blackwood Ben Hur
    Competitive award that combines disciplines that demonstrate the versatility of the breed by competing in a minimum of three disciplines in the same season and places well in those events.
  • Distance Awards
    Cooler Award and Buckle Award are offered for distance merits for Competitive and Endurance competition.
  • Saddle Log
    Non-competitive miles logged for recognition by people who are riding for pleasure and enjoyment.
  • Lifetime Achievement
    Legion of Distinction – Copper
    Legion of Merit – Bronze
    Legion of Honor – Silver
    Legion of Supreme Honor – Gold
    Legion of Champions – Platinum

General Requirements

  1. PMHA members in good standing are eligible for awards.
  2. Morabs registered with PMHA certificates are eligible for awards.
  3. A Xerox copy of the PMHR Registration Certificate must accompany all nomination forms.
  4. Morab may be nominated in any type of discipline in the PMHA Award Program.
  5. Fees apply for one show season at a time.
  6. Nominations should be received before any show points will be recorded for that show year.
  7. The Point Secretary of PMHA should be notified of any change in ownership of a nominated Morab(s) within 30 days of sale. Any points earned prior to the sale will continue with the horse provided that the new owner is a PMHA member in good standing.

Award Rules

  1. Show Season — Points will be totaled on each Morab from competitive events (shows) held between January 1 to December 30 of each year.
  2. Point Reports — Show reporting should be recorded on the official PMHA Record Sheet. Official PMHA Record Sheets must be sent to the PMHA Point secretary within 15 days of the show (event) for tabulation. Dates will be determined by post mark.
  3. Placings — Show (event) information regarding the type of entries the Morab was shown, the placings and number of horses competed against, individual scores (i.e. dressage), mileage ridden or any other information pertaining to the discipline shown, should be completely and correctly recorded on the official PMHA Record Sheet.
  4. Verification of Points — The information on the PMHA Record Sheet is to be verified and signed by the show secretary or any other responsible show official of that event. A copy of the show (event) prize list (program) must be included.
  5. Judge — The name of the judge and type of judge certification i.e. type of judge’s card(s) should be indicated on each PMHA Record Sheet submitted.
  6. Minimum Requirements — A minimum of four (4) separate event (show) recordings of competitive participation must be on file to be considered for an award. Required minimums for an award, as described in each division or class, must be met before an award is granted.
  7. Point Totals — Participants may check on their own point total at any time during the show season by providing a self-addressed stamped envelope with the written request. No information regarding other competitors nor their standings will be provided.


When the Award Application is received, your file is activated for the current show season. If there are changes/additions in nominated show divisions or classes for awards, the Point Secretary should be notified of the changes/additions and any fee adjustments must be submitted before any points are awarded.

Distribution of Awards

  1. A nominated Morab who meets the stated minimum through competition under Certified judges will be granted the award as indicated for the division or class as nominated.
  2. Any Morab who does not meet the stated minimum, or competed under non-certified (non-card-holding) judges to earn points, will receive a Recognition Award for the division or class as nominated.
  3. Only one type of an award (#1 or #2 above) will be granted to a Morab for each nominated division or class.
Additional placings will be awarded in the divisions or classes as nominations permit. The additional placings will be:
  • Third Place — would be given when nominations are between 5-7 Morabs.
  • Forth Place — would be given when nominations are between 8-11 Morabs.
  • Fifth Place — would be given when nominations are 12 or more Morabs.

PMHA Awards Program and Current Standings


Life Time Achievement Awards are offered for the highest honor available in PMHA, rewarding the serious exhibitor in his/her promotion of Morabs. Points from Year to Year are accumulated to achieve an award that represents success and prestige for Morab excellence on the show circuit. The progression of Life Time Achievement is as follows: Legion of Distinction (+) 250 points; Legion of Merit (++) 500 points; Legion of Honor (+++) 750 points; Legion of Supreme Honor (++++) 1000 points; Legion of Champions 1(+++++) 1500 points.

Legion of Honor
HI Fad Sensation Morab Mare Owner Linda Wolfe (893 Points)

Legion of Merit
Magic Memories Morab Gelding Owner Karen Rogers – Behl (611 Points)

Legion of Merit
SAX Gold Dust Morab Stallion Owner Donna Lassanske (710 Points)

Life Time
Sams Ultimate Legacy Morab Mare Owner Karen Rogers – Behl (220 Points)

Saddle Log Current Standings

Non-competitive miles logged for recognition by people who are riding for pleasure and enjoyment. Logged time can include saddle or driving activities.

Saddle Log Standings

Diana McDowell
Blue Angel Pride Morab Mare 366.25 Hours
Centinnial Rose Morab Mare 652.75 Hours
Marcia McDowell
Princess Silver Fox Morab Mare 478 Hours
Linda Wolf
Hi Fad Sensation Morab Mare 240 Hours

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