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Ambassador Award Program

Purpose: To promote recognition of the NAMHA Registered Morab in the North American Morab Register. The NAMHR Morab is regarded as the Amabassador of the Morab Breed. these Morabs lack certain documentation of their pedigree and were originally registered through the Clovis California Registry or by breeding of these horses. They represent the Morab breed of the period 1971 – 1998. Today, these horses have been retained as non-breeding stock with unverified Morgan and Arabian heritage. These horses are entitled to compete in all classes except breed classes (i.e. in-hand and futurity).

NAMHA Registry: Registries from NAMHA (NAMHR), HEARST MEMORIAL MORAB REGISTRY (HMMR)L, and MORAB HORSE REGISTRY OF AMERICA (MHRA) (Clovis CA) are no longer in business to recruit new registration applications. All horses from MHHR and part of the MHRA horses were adsorbed by NAMHR. These Morabs are encouraged to perform and demonstrate their heritage in events designed for them. They were registered in MHHR and MHRA in accordance with the requirements of that period. All fees and scores are kept by Purebred Morab Horse Association.

Geneal Requirements:

  1. NAMHR Morabs are eligile for awards.
  2. Owner of the NAMHR registered Morab must be a PMHA member in good standing.
  3. A Xerox copy of the NAMHR Registration Certificate should accompany all nomination form(s).
  4. A NAMHR Morab may be nominated in any type of discipline in the NAMHA Morab Award Program. There are different fees for the type of discipline. Fees apply for one show season at a time.
  5. Nominations should be received by the PMHA Point secretary before any show points will be recorded for the NAMHR nominated Morab(s) for that show year.
  6. The Point Secretary of PMHA should be notified of any change in ownership of a nominated NAMHR Morab(s) within 30 days fo sale. Any points earned prior to the sale will continue with the horse provided that teh new owner is a PMHA member in good standing.
Additional Information:

The NAMHA Morab Award Progam recognizes the serious “Ambassador Morab” who competes in the open showing venue by awarding the MTS Glory Award to the NAMHR Morab who competes in three or more Performance Divisions and meets the criteria. The Magic Hi-Point Award is awarded to the NAMHR Morab, who meets the Hi-Point criteria at the PMHA annual Morab National Show.

Award Program Rules:

  1. Award(s) is granted to the same rider / handler / driver Morab combination.
  2. Points will be totaled on each Morab from competitive events (shows) held between January 1 to December 30 of each year.
  3. Show reporting must be recorded on the official PMHA Record Sheet. Official PMHA Record Sheets must be sent to the PMHA Point secretary within 15 days of the show (event) for tabulation. Dates will be determined by post mark.
  4. Show (event) information regarding the type of entries the Morab was shown, the placings and number of horses competed against, individual scores (i.e. dressage), mileage ridden or any other informaiton pertaining to the discipline shown, must be completely and correctly recorded on the official PMHA Record Sheet.
  5. The information on the PMHA Record Sheet is to be verified and signed by the show secretary or any other responsible show official of tha event. A copy of the show (event) prize list (program) must be included.and type of judge certification (i.e. type of judge’s card(s)) must be indicated on each PMHA Record Sheet submitted.
  6. A MINIMUM of our (4) separate event (show) recordings of competitive participation must be on file to be considered for an award.
  7. Required minimums for an award, as described in each division or class, must be met before an award is granted.
  8. Competitors may check on their point total at any time during the show season by providing a self-addressed stamped envelope with the written request. No information regarding other competitors nor their standings will be provided.

Award Program Entrance:

Nomination form(s) for entry into the award program are available upon request to the PMHA Point Secretary . Upon receipt of the nomination fee and the completed nomination form(s), your name and number and your Morab’s name and registration number initiates an active file for that show season.

In the event that there are changes/additions in nominated show devisions for awards, the Point Secretary must be notified of such changes/additions and any fee adjustments must be submitted before any points are awarded.

Distribution of Awards:

  1. A nominated Morab who meets the stated minimum through competition under certified judges will be granted the award as indicated for the division or class as nominated.
  2. Any Morab who does not meet the stated nimimum or competed under non-certified (non-card holding) judges to earn points, will receive a Recognition Award for the division or class as nominated.
  3. Divisions whereby Championship and Eeserve championship awards are granted, additional placings will be awarded in the divisions as nominations permit. The additional placings will be:
    • Third Place — would be given when nominations are between 5-7 Morabs
    • Fourth Place — would be given when nominations are between 8-11 Morabs
    • Fifth Place — would be given when nominations are 12 or more Morabs.

Performance Award

  1. Western Division
  2. Hunter Division
  3. Saddleseat Division
  4. Driving Division
  5. Hunter/Jumper Division
  6. Trial Division
  7. Gymkhana Division (Keyhole, Cloverleaf Barrels, Pole Bending, Figure 8 Stake, Quadrangle Stake, etc)
  8. Ranch Division (Cutting, Reining, Roping, Break-a-Way, etc)

Nomination Fee: $20.00 per division

For classes that are Open Pleasure or Country Pleasure where Western or English/ Hunt tack can be worn, rider must indiciate type of tack (Western, Hunter) worn for appropriate tabulation of score(s).

Required minimum for an award is 20 points from Table A for each division nominated.

A Grand Champion and Reserve Champion
per division will be offered

MTS Glory Award

This award is to exemplify the competitive versatility of the NAMHR Morab horse. It is a coveted award signifying a culmination of points across three or more Performance equine disciplines. The rider/ driver Morab combination would have to have on record four or more show records recording three or more Performance Divisions to be eligible for this trophy. Selection of the recipient would be determined by the highest number of total points earned from Table A. Award is presented only when criteria is attained.

There is NO nomination fee.

ONLY one award is granted.

Competitive Trail Award

A competitive trail Morab who competes in any trail ride sanctioned by the North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC) the Upper Midwest Endurance and Competitive Ride Association (UMECRA) the Eastern Competitive Trail Ride Association (ECTRA) and any other competitive trail ride, approved by the PMHA Point Secretary, is eligible for this award. Points will be awarded in this division according to Table B.

Nomination Fee: $20.00

A Grand Champion and Reserve Champion will be awarded

Endurance Trail Award

A Morab who competes in any trail ride sanctioned by AERC or any other endurance trail ride, approved by the PMHA Point Secretary, is eligible for this award. Nomination are for ONLY one level. Points will be calculatd for this award according to Table B.

Nomination Fee: $20.00

A Grand Champion and Reserve Champion will be awarded

Dressage Award

The Morab who competes in dressage at any event approved by USEF/USDF/FEI or CEF is eligible for this award. Any dressage scores from a Combined Training Event will be accepted provided the dressage portion meets the requirements for judging. Awards are issued only ONCE per level of achievement to a nominated rider/Morab combination

  • Training
  • First Level
  • Second Level
  • Third Level
  • Fourth Level
  • Prix St. George
  • Intermediate I
  • Intermediate II
  • Grand Prix

Nomination Fee: $20.00 per level

Individual nominated rider/Morab awards will be determined by averaging the three highest submitted scores. Nominee must perform a nimimum of four tests under three different judges. The nimimum average must be 57.

A Grand Champion and Reserve Champion
will be awarded for each level of Dressage

Combined Training Award

A Morab who competes in any horse trial (s) or event(s) sanctioned by the United States Combined Training Association (USCTA) is eligible for this award. Nomination is for ONLY one lvel.

  • Pre-Novice
  • Novice
  • Training
  • Preliminary
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Nomination Fee: $20.00 per level

Granting an award will be determined by totaling scores for each rider/Morab nominated in each level. To be granted an award, a Morab must meet the indicated Miniimal Total according to Table C.

A Grand Champion and Reserve Champion
will be offered for each level of combined training

Youth Achievement Award

PMHA recognized people under the age of 18 who are enjoying, showing, and competing with a Morab. This division is to award youth in their endeavors and achievements in conjunction with the enjoyment gained from working with a Morab. This division is different from others in that the emphasis is more on the youth and not necessarily with the Morab.

The contender for this award must be 18 year of age or younger. High School seniors graduating during the show season may complete the show schedule as a youth. The nominated youth and Morab is scored as a combination. The youth cannot change Morabs within the show season. If illness, injury or death of the Morab dictates a change, the Point Secretary needs to be notified immediately for a substitution.

Competitive event can include open shows with Junior Classes, Youth Shows or Open 4-H shows. In additoin, competition by invitation, such as a State 4-H Show or State All-Breed Show are eligible. Danish judging results are not recorded as earned not accepted. If a youth is scored on the Danish system of placings, the show secretary must report the ACTUAL number of participants in the class and the TRUE/ACTUAL position of the youth and Morab.

Types of Eligible Competitive Events:
  • Showmanship Fitting
  • Equitation
  • Horsemanship
  • Pleasure Classes
  • Jumping
  • Dressage
  • Driving
  • Endurance Rides
  • Competitive Rides
  • Combined Training
  • Gymkhana (Keyhole, Figure 8 Stake, Quadrangle Stake, Pole Bending, Cloverlear Barrel)
  • Ranch (Cutting, Reining, Roping, Break-a-Way)
Types of Non-Eligible competitive Events:
  • Classes open to other than junior riders
  • Morab classes with non-NAMHA registerd Morabs
  • Futurities
  • Pony Classes
  • Fun Classes

Distance Achievement Award

Competitive /Endurance Division

This type of award is for the competitive and endurance rider who accumulates considerable mileage. The nominated Morab must be 5 years old or older. A Ride should be 25 miles or greater to count toward this award.

The nominated rider/Morab may participate in BOTH types of distance riding (Competitive or Endurance). The distance rides must meet the requirements outlined in the Competitive or Endurance Award Descriptions of the NAMHA Award Program for organizational sanctioning.

The rider must indicate how the milesage is to be totaled, whether toward competitive or endurance but NOT BOTH at the same time. Nominations for the Buckle Award and Cooler Award are SEPARATE nominations and SEPARATE fees. A Morab may be entered in the Buckle and Cooler Award concurrently provided a fee is paid for EACH.

Buckle Award

A buckle is given for any nominated rider/Morab combination who successfully completes 1000 miles of distance, whether it be competitive or endurance over time. For each additional 1000 miles, a mileage “tack” will be awarded. The rider/Morab combination nomination does not have to be kept current for successive years, that is, the rider/Morab combination may have lapses in nomination years. The show year for recording needs to be current.

Nomination Fee: $20.00

Cooler Award

A cooler is given for any nominated rider/Morab combination who successfully completes 1000 miles of distance whether it be competitive or Endurance. The rider/Morab nomination must be kept CURRENT for successive yars until the 1000 miles is achieved before an award can be granted. In the event that the PMHA member wants to buy past years of recordings, each year is $40.00. For each ride (in the buy back), both judges sheets must be submitted with recorded placings.

ANNUAL Nomination Fee: $20.00

Saddle Log

This is a means for the casual Morab owner to enjoy riding or driving his/her Morab without competition. Each rider/driver Morab combination is a separate nomination and the hours tailed are on each rider/driver Morab combination. This is managed on an honor system by recording in a “Log” hours ridden/driven. the Log is submitted in the Point Secretary at the end of the show year. A new nomination year will require a new log. Medallions are awarded for completion of 100, 300, 500, 750 and 1000 hours ridden//driven. Patches will be awarded for 1500, 2000 and 2500 hours ridden/driven/ A PMHA T-Shirt will be awarded for 3000 cumulative hours logged. Once 3000 hours are attained, logged hours will start over from zero.

ANNUAL Nomination Fee: $5.00

Reminder: Saddle Log Award remains active and cumulative as long as the $5.00 fee is submitted annually. (e.g. An owner has logged 300 hours over 2 years and wants to continue with logging more hours fro each rider/Morab combination.) The annual nomination fee must be paid.

If the rider Morab lapses in the annual fee, the Saddle Log will START OVER once the nomination of the rider/Morab is nomination.

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